Discover Tabletop Gaming with our “Demo Days”

At ITGC Berlin, we love tabletop gaming and we want to share that love with anyone interested! One key aspect of doing so is to take great care when we welcome newcomers into our club and into the hobby in general, and to assist them get the best start possible.

What keeps tabletop gaming alive is making sure new people join and come enjoy it with us. This is even more important for the rarer/indie gaming systems, which heavily rely on having a group of active players.

One way to achieve all of this is to offer demos for games that we play and love!

What is an ITGC Berlin Demo Day?

During demo days, volunteer organizers from the club organize gaming slots where they provide everything needed, and walk participants through their first game with a system of their choice.

We organize Demo Days on a regular basis, currently one every other month. In preparation for a typical demo day, we book tables at Battlefield Berlin for a Saturday (10am to 6pm). We then discuss on the #demo-day-event-org channel which games we plan to offer for that given demo day and who volunteers to be present and bring all the required material. This channel is not visible by default on our server, but you are welcome to join the team of volunteers running it if you are interested!

Volunteers who decided to be present for a given demo day then offer several demos throughout the day, in slots of 1h30. Participants are required to sign up in advance. To organize sign-ups, we use a simple online tool where each volunteer creates a mini booking offer for the system(s) of their choosing.

When is the Next One, and How Can I Join?

We announce gaming days long in advance on our Discord server. In fact, we have already booked a number of Saturdays at Battlefield Berlin (see their forum and reservations here). At the time of this writing, the upcoming demo days are: 28.05.22, 30.07.22, 01.10.22 and 10.12.22.

Example poster for one of our Demo Days. Look out for those on Discord, and join us when you are interested!

We publish links to registrations two or three weeks before the date of the event. The offer of game systems for any given day depends on which volunteer is present – this could be you! Contact us if you are interested in running demos in one of our demo days and you will be invited to the channel dedicated to the organization of these events.

Of course, if you have any suggestion related to demo days, we would be happy to hear from you on the #suggestions channel.

What if I did not Find One for Me?

We periodically ask our community which systems they would like to see offered during demo days, and can of course offer demos outside of these demo days!

If you are curious about the tabletop hobby, you should definitely join our Discord server and ask around. Then sign up for a demo game during the next demo day or discuss getting a demo for a game system of your choosing by joining the corresponding channel: many of our members will be happy to show you around their favorite game system! If you are interested in demoing/showing off your favorite tabletop system, join the volunteer team of organizers.

Please also note that we are considering other venues and time slots to organize demos: get in touch if you have an idea or an opportunity to organize a demo day somewhere!

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