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Use the pointy end!

An excursion into the Phalanx unit for Age of Fantasy (OPR) by Jachymor The spear, as both a tool and weapon, is so engraved into Human culture, every toddler instinctivelyknows how to use a long stick to poke another human. In combat, this expresses a need to pokesomeone from a safe distance without getting poked…

The Baked Apple: Act IV complete, campaign end

We’ve completed the fourth act of our Age of Fantasy: Skirmish campaign – The Baked Apple. We’ve also decided to finish our campaign. Read on to see a few notes on how the whole thing went down!

OnePageRules – Age of Fantasy: Slow Grow Challenge

“Welcome to Tyria, newcomer! So you’re the new one, who wants to become a famous general? You think you’ve got what it takes, huh? To raise a real army, train the whole bunch and eventually lead them successfully onto the battlefield?… You’re still here?…. Indeed, that could be quite interesting. Hm, then sit by my…


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