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Let’s play Again!

Corona Regulations have been mostly lifted. Let’s play again. Scroll further to see our events …

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Age of Sigmar (AoS) Games Day promo video and more!

We recently organised a whole-day gaming day in Battlefield Berlin. It’s a different format to our demo events: in gaming days we aim to just get several good games in. It isn’t a tournament either, since there are no prizes and just good fun. One of our club members, Martin, was kind to do the… Continue Reading →

Mantic Firefight 2.0: a Preview

What is Firefight 2.0? At its core, Firefight is a Sci-Fi battle game set in an original universe, made by Mantic Games. It is designated as a “Squad Level Sci-Fi game”. On a personal note, I think “Squad level” is quite a misnomer: on average, you field 10 to 15 Squads of 5 to 10… Continue Reading →

Games We Play – Kings of War

Kings of War is a mass battle fantasy wargame designed by Mantic. There are 26 factions available in the rules: almost any fantasy trope you can think of has rules in Kings of War! Many also have an official range of miniatures available from Mantic, although you can use any miniature you like. A standard army will have about a dozen units, each of ten to sixy (!) fighters: we are talking about mass battles indeed!


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