Slow Grow KoW10mm: The Skeleton Legion of Sakdoss the Conqueror

Let’s get to know the armies participating in our 10mm Kings of War (KoW) challenge! Today, Clement presents his Undeads list: The Skeletal Legions of Sahkdoss the Conqueror.

Check out our intro article if you want to know what this is all about.

The Concept: Skeletons. Lots of them.

The skeletal horde of Sahkdoss the conqueror is the vast army led by the famous conqueror Sahkdoss. He oversees his legions (technically hordes, but come on) from the height of his terrifying dragon: Baalrakoth. I imagine Sahkdoss as a maniac leader with a fragile ego: he does not let anyone in his army have any sort of mount. He sure does have oneā€¦ but no one else is allowed one! I hope to create a striking contrast between the big dude on a badass dragon, and countless hordes of skeletons.

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