Battle report Orks vs Dark Angels – 31-01-2021

Mission: Vital Intelligence Chapter Approved GT Pack

Format: 2000 Points

Opponents: Jonas Orks vs Dariusz Dark Angels

Forewords: with a new supplement looming over the corner, the Dark Angels are looking menacing as ever. Their Deathwing terminators are going to be amongst the most resilient and hard-hitting elite units in the game. With an edition that gives an important role to durable tarpit units, this is a benediction for the Unforgiven. That and their very scary plasma make the recipe for a competitive force to be reckoned with. However, this is all in the future, as the list I played against was still played with the previous rules. And my opponent gave me a cool run for my money.

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Battle report Death Guard vs Crimson Fists – 27-01-2021

Where a precise blade fails, a closed fist follows. The planet of Greatcastle has long been deemed lost to the imperium. Previously an outpost of the Deathwatch, it has been captured and ruled by the Death Guard legion of Traitor Astartes. The followers of Nurgle have transformed the surface of the planet, and outside of their fortresses, nothing but diseased forests and ruined cities remain.

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