Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) we have encountered so far.

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate tabletop enthusiasts who live in Berlin.

While talking to each other about our hobby, we often came to the conclusion that there is no large, central contact point for tabletop players in Berlin, and not enough good options for where to play and meet other tabletop enthusiasts.
At the seventh time this topic came at the center of our discussions, we decided to act on it and do our best to create what we dreamed of!

We created this website and several media channels Discord , Facebook and Instagram.

Why are you speaking in English and not German? 

Our group started out of a mostly international WhatsApp group, which uses English as their main language.

We have therefore decided to use English as our first communication language. This is because most of the “founding members” are from various countries (Italy, France, Belgium, Poland and Germany, to name a few) and in different states of learning German. We are all steadily living and settled here, and consider Berlin our home. Therefore, we initially found it more convenient to use English as a Lingua franca. 

We are not unwilling to speak German, quite the opposite. We will interact in German and are also 100% committed to welcome any new member in the language they would find most convenient. We will not segregate anyone on the basis of one’s native – or command of – languages. We expect our members to be as tolerant and open minded about language matters. We do however commit to using German and English in our official communication.

What are our goals?

  • strengthen the tabletop community in Berlin and give it ways to find itself, gather and connect, and simplify the search for players
  • create an e.V. to provide an official structure for the community
  • rent a physical space to meet up around tabletop topics: gaming sessions, tournaments, painting evenings, etc.
  • provide local information for tabletop gamers in Berlin, to help them find other players, relevant organisations, events, and hotspots of the hobby like local gaming stores, other clubs…
  • offer a multilingual environment and platform, to be inclusive to for all the international players who live in Berlin
  • In the long term (i.e. after the corona pandemic), we want to create a tabletop heaven in Berlin – one big part of such a paradise is an awesome club space, ideally in a central and easy-to-reach location in Berlin. 

    To achieve this, we need to create a community and create a registered club (“eingetragener Verein”) with enough members to be able to rent rooms and cover expenses.

What’s the plan with a physical location?

Our ideal club physical location should look like this: 

  • a cool space to play with as many gaming tables as we can comfortably fit in the space we find.
  • be independent from store’s opening times or other group’s activities: we could play whenever we want and as long as we want, not only monthly or biweekly but every day of the week!
  • a storage room: We could safely store gaming boards, terrain and miniatures!
  • a central spot: The spot for a club room should be ideally in a central place in Berlin, easily reachable and accessible, e.g. with public transport or by car.
  • a place to hang out: some couches to chill and chat with other hobbyists, one or two painting tables and a small kitchen with a fridge would make this club room complete.

If we don’t have an e.V. nor a physical space, then what’s the point of this group?

Creating an online community is the first step that we are taking today!

It also could be the most important one. Since all of our efforts are focused on what we enable the Berlin tabletop community to do.

While we work toward creating the e.V. and getting a physical space, we can already organize digital events in the growing community. We create a central platform for all Tabletop players in Berlin, which doesn’t exist so far. It is also a good starting point, which alleviates the big step for becoming officially registered and renting our own space.

What’s the deal with online events?

As we can not meet in person at the moment but don’t want to do without our beloved hobby, we turned to online events.

We already did some digital hobby hangouts and we want to organize more of these. If you have your own ideas for events, come discuss it on our discord server, and Facebook  where we also announce all of our events.

What is your relation with other clubs in the city?

We see our planned club and the central platform as addition to what is already there.

We decided to create a new structure that would fit our needs and complement the other clubs or groups. Be that for a reason of distance, available opening times, language or any other relevant reason, we had not found a structure in other groups and organisations that totally worked for us.

We aim to point out existing clubs and groups to players, who just moved to Berlin or beginners who just started the hobby. We are looking forward to supporting and collaborating  with other clubs (and shops too!) by organizing and carrying out tournaments, demo days for certain systems or simply announce them in our event calendar and social media platforms.

Who are the “founding members”?

It’s just a name for the moderators of the discord channels and administrators of the facebook, instagram and club website.

As mentioned earlier, we are a small group of enthusiasts who have been discussing and working towards the creation of a registered association for a while. Until that stage of the project is completed, we volunteer our time and energy to make it happen based solely on our motivation, not because we were elected to do it. 

How do I join?

Once the association formally exists, you will be welcome to formally join and even run for elections to its board!

Until then, you are welcome to join the community we are gathering on Discord, and if you want to help with the ongoing effort or have any suggestion or comment.

I have more questions!

Please reach out to us either on Discord or by emailing tabletopgamingberlin@gmail.com

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