ITGCB Demo day – 20.11.2021 @ Battlefield Berlin!

For the 3rd time, International Tabletop Gaming Club Berlin would like to invite you to take part in our demo day, taking part in the gaming area of Battlefield Berlin, or friendly local game store that’s located next to U Gneisenaustr in Berlin.

Demo day is a day-long event, where volunteers from our club run 90-minute game demos for people that are new to the hobby, are interested in the specific systems or just want to refresh their wargaming muscles. In short, demo days are for everyone!

In case you were wondering, there’s virtually no requirements to come. No previous experience, knowledge or accessories. We will supply you with all the miniatures and information you need. All our demoers will hold their games in English.

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Setting up the ITGC Berlin: status update and what’s next

Our community is growing healthily and steadily on the Discord server, and in the meantime we council members have been busy in the background! We have been working behind the scenes on what comes next. Let us explain what we have done, and what we plan to do in the near future.

You probably already know what we plan to do in the long term: create and nurture a great tabletop community, and then create a tabletop paradise here in Berlin, which in our mind means: renting the perfect space to enjoy our hobby.

Now… that’s a nice vision, but you might wonder how we plan to get there! This is what we want to discuss today. Onto more details!

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