OnePageRules – Age of Fantasy: Slow Grow Challenge

“Welcome to Tyria, newcomer! So you’re the new one, who wants to become a famous general? You think you’ve got what it takes, huh? To raise a real army, train the whole bunch and eventually lead them successfully onto the battlefield?… You’re still here?…. Indeed, that could be quite interesting. Hm, then sit by my fire and listen attentively to my words, because I’m going to tell you how things work around here!”

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ITGC Berlin – Demo Day 01.10.2022: join us for Konflikt47, Age of Sigmar, Age of Fantasy Skirmish, and Firefight/Kings of War demos!

Our club has been doing demo days at Battlefield Berlin regularly for quite a while now. Every 6 to 8 weeks, a group of volunteers offers three 90m games during a Saturday at Battlefield Berlin, and invite you to discover a game system they love. So register for a demo using the links below if you are curious about one of the systems we present on this demo day!

Interested in demoing/showing off your favorite tabletop system you’re playing? Reach out to one of our Council Members on our discord, as we are looking for more tabletop systems and members for our demo team!

You can also keep an eye on our #announcement channel for the next demo day. We will let you know when our next official demo day will happen, so stay tuned and as always…

Happy Wargaming!

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The Baked Apple. ITGCB’s One Page Rules: Age of Fantasy: Skirmish Campaign

Trouble is brewing in the westward plains. An ongoing war is causing refugees to flee east, into the, if not well-off, then at least stable and self-sustained communities of two cities living next to the Albis river: the Bundesrepublik Apfegipfel, a rugged, conflicted human-dwarf commune and Weizenhof, a relatively cosmopolitan trading and farming hub.

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Games We Play – Turnip28

As a club, we play an ever-changing, ever-growing number of tabletop games. Some are well-known staples, some are newcomers that recently riveted our attention. To give you some insight, we have started this irregular ‘Games We Play’ column where we’re going to present selected game systems that bring us joy. Today we will give you an overview of the author’s favorite game: Turnip28!

The contents of this post represent the author’s opinion and are not representative of the ITGC Berlin as a whole.

Courtesy of Max Fitzgerald

What Is This Game About?

Turnip28 is a root Napoleonic tabletop game designed by Max Fitzgerald (patreon). The rules are available free online and there are no official miniatures to purchase – turnip28 is a miniature agnostic kitbasher, which means that you’re free to provide – and build – your own miniatures.

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Age of Sigmar (AoS) Games Day promo video and more!

We recently organised a whole-day gaming day in Battlefield Berlin. It’s a different format to our demo events: in gaming days we aim to just get several good games in. It isn’t a tournament either, since there are no prizes and just good fun.

One of our club members, Martin, was kind to do the camerawork and great editing of the whole event – take a peek below!

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