ITGC Berlin – Demo Day 01.10.2022: join us for Konflikt47, Age of Sigmar, Age of Fantasy Skirmish, and Firefight/Kings of War demos!

Our club has been doing demo days at Battlefield Berlin regularly for quite a while now. Every 6 to 8 weeks, a group of volunteers offers three 90m games during a Saturday at Battlefield Berlin, and invite you to discover a game system they love. So register for a demo using the links below if you are curious about one of the systems we present on this demo day!

Interested in demoing/showing off your favorite tabletop system you’re playing? Reach out to one of our Council Members on our discord, as we are looking for more tabletop systems and members for our demo team!

You can also keep an eye on our #announcement channel for the next demo day. We will let you know when our next official demo day will happen, so stay tuned and as always…

Happy Wargaming!

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April 30th Event in Support of Ukraine & Berlin Refugees

We tabletop gamers play games of war of all kinds, and there is about just one kind we really do not like: wars in real life. For us, war can only happen on the tables. The war in Ukraine is deeply affecting us: as Berliners we feel very close to it. Some of us have family and friends directly involved. We all see how the refugees have arrived in Berlin in the past few weeks, and we want to do something about it.

We are therefore organizing a multi-system gaming event and a raffle on the 30th of April, in Berlin. It is a charity event through which we want to support local organizations. Every cent we will be collecting in this Paypal money pool through this event will be given to an organisation helping Ukrainian refugees in Berlin.

The Multi-System Gaming

Until we find a place of our own, we have been playing and organizing events mostly at Battlefield Berlin. This time, we wanted to organize an event larger than what they can host. We therefore looked for a different place, and found a large venue! In fact, it has so much more space, that we decided to go for a multi-system event with ten tables. This will let us gather players from different horizons, and have a lovely day of gaming!

We decided to do four tables for Age of Sigmar, four tables for Kings of War, and two tables for Armada. We do have the possibility to expand these numbers, depending on how many people sign up. We set the registration fee to 10€ (all donated to the cause we support with this event). With each registration, you get a ticket for the raffle.

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Games We Play – Kings of War

As a club, we play an ever-changing, ever-growing number of tabletop games. Some are well-known staples, some are newcomers that recently riveted our attention. To give you some insight, we have started this irregular ‘Games We Play’ column where we’re going to present selected game systems that bring us joy. Today we will give you an overview of the author’s favorite game: Kings of War!

The contents of this post represent the author’s opinion and are not representative of the ITGC Berlin as a whole.

What Is This Game About?

Kings of War is a mass battle fantasy wargame designed by Mantic. There are 26 factions available in the rules: almost any fantasy trope you can think of has rules in Kings of War! Many also have an official range of miniatures available from Mantic, although you can use any miniature you like. A standard army will have about a dozen units, each of ten to sixty (!) fighters: with potentially more than a hundred miniatures per side, we are talking about mass battles indeed!

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Slow Grow KoW10mm: The Skeleton Legion of Sakdoss the Conqueror

Let’s get to know the armies participating in our 10mm Kings of War (KoW) challenge! Today, Clement presents his Undeads list: The Skeletal Legions of Sahkdoss the Conqueror.

Check out our intro article if you want to know what this is all about.

The Concept: Skeletons. Lots of them.

The skeletal horde of Sahkdoss the conqueror is the vast army led by the famous conqueror Sahkdoss. He oversees his legions (technically hordes, but come on) from the height of his terrifying dragon: Baalrakoth. I imagine Sahkdoss as a maniac leader with a fragile ego: he does not let anyone in his army have any sort of mount. He sure does have one… but no one else is allowed one! I hope to create a striking contrast between the big dude on a badass dragon, and countless hordes of skeletons.

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Slow Grow KoW10mm: Meet the Generals!

Let’s get started with our 10mm Kings of War (KoW) challenge! Before we jump into the armies themselves, let’s meet the generals, and discover what brought them to this adventure. Check out our intro article if you want to know what this is all about.

Now that the context and rules for this slow grow challenge are well understood, and a few people have signed up for the challenge, it is time to get started! As you may remember, the first phase of our challenge is called the Concept phase. During that phase, every participant thinks about their army, what they want to achieve during the challenge, and also create their army list.

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