eingetragener Verein/Association

International Tabletop Gaming Club Berlin is a eingetragener Verein (e.V., an association). This means we’re a registered legal entity able to represents the interests of its members.

You can find our current Satzung (Bylaws, or club constitution) below in German – this is the source of vision and all rules of our club.

Finally, the eV is governed by the Vorstand (management board). At the time of writing (02.2023) current Vorstand is:

Erste Vorsitzende (First Chairperson) – Miroslaw W.

Zweite Vorstizende (Second Chairperson) – Vincent T.

Sekretär (Secretary) – Jonas F.

Schatzmeister (Treasurer) – Szymon S.

Erste Beisitzer (First Assessor) – Niklas K.

You can find the members of the Vorstand by the “Vorstand” role in our Discord.

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