OnePageRules – Age of Fantasy: Slow Grow Challenge

“Welcome to Tyria, newcomer! So you’re the new one, who wants to become a famous general? You think you’ve got what it takes, huh? To raise a real army, train the whole bunch and eventually lead them successfully onto the battlefield?… You’re still here?…. Indeed, that could be quite interesting. Hm, then sit by my fire and listen attentively to my words, because I’m going to tell you how things work around here!”

So it’s that time again! The ITGC Berlin is launching another of its infamous ‘Slow Grow Challenges‘! You don’t know what this is all about? Basically, it’s about having fun with some like-minded people and building a (new) army for your favorite game system of your choice, painting it and finally fighting the first battles with it! Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it, huh?…

After launching our AoF:S narrative campaign some time ago, we decided that this would be the best step forward to expand our small warbands into a full-fledged army! Such an undertaking can quickly overwhelm you, and that’s where we as a club come in to help! We want to do this challenge as a group and document the progress in the form of photos and blog articles here on our website. This approach has the advantage that you don’t have to do everything alone and everyone can benefit and motivate each other! In the end, not only will everyone have a fully assembled and painted army, but they can definitely pat themselves on the back and be called a true hobby general! 🙂

In order to manage all this somehow, we have come up with a few framework conditions for this challenge, so that the whole thing runs a bit more structured and not everyone scurries around wildly like a bunch of frightened goblins (editor’s note: the author has no aversion whatsoever to small, green good-for-nothings) …

Structure of the ‘Slow Grow Challenge’

The Challenge will be structured as follows. We have agreed on the following key points:

  1. The challenge starts on 01.01.2023 and lasts approx. 7 months
  2. Each participant builds and paints an army of their choice for OPR Age of Fantasy
  3. The challenge will be divided into 3 phases, according to the point size of the army
  4. The 1st phase lasts 3 months and the 2nd and 3rd stage 2 month each
  5. You start with 500 points, which are gradually increased to 750 and finally to 1000 points.
  6. Each participant creates a 500 points armylist with the official OPR ‘ArmyForge’ WebApp, which is increased by 250 points after each phase.
  7. After each phase there will be an interim summary of all participants including photos of their progress, in the form of a new blog article
  8. After each phase there will also be the possibility for the participants to play with their army against the other participants in the form of a ‘Gaming Day’ (information to follow)
  9. Each participant can build & paint what they want, but should stick to the army list(s) they have created beforehand
  10. The fun is clearly in the foreground here and helping hands are always welcome 🙂

Fomorian(Martin), i.e. myself from the ITGC, will be happy to help and advise you here, as will any other participant/player. Participants are welcome to share their progress in words and pictures on our Discord server and exchange ideas. In addition, there will be another blog article after the completion of each phase, which will show the progress of the participants. Of course, the participants are also welcome to introduce themselves in the next blog article and why they are taking part in the challenge and which faction they have chosen for it.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me or the participants in the corresponding channel #age-of-fantasy on our Club Discord server.

So now let the games eh challenge begin! 🙂

credits: OnePageRules to get the rules for Age of Fantasy, OPR Army Forge the list building app, banner picture in courtesy of OnePageRules

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