The Baked Apple: Act III – the Falling Stars complete!

We’ve completed the third act of our Age of Fantasy: Skirmish narrative campaign – The Baked Apple. Several warbands were competing, each one following their very own, hidden or overt, agenda.

Quick links:


  1. Beginning of campaign and warband backstories
  2. Act I completed
  3. Act II completed
  4. Act III completed
  5. Act IV completed, campaign end

And here’s the overview at the beginning of Act IV:

After a valiant yet futile defense, Weizenhof was burnt to a cinder. The sudden, violent star shower brought by the machinations of the power of destruction, combined with their harrying of the local defenders proved too much for the forces of order.

Many died, even from the members of the hardened warbands present. Yet the starfall and fires took the grisliest toll on the civilian population of the agricultural town. The deaths and misery, mixed with recent magic manifestations bubbled up create an eerie , ghastly concoction…

Warbands, still in Weizenhof, either licking their wounds or squabbling over collected astral artifacts, found themselves surrounded by hungry, malevolent spirits.

No wonder. What used to be Weizenhof, effectively became a graveyard, known for the travelers from now on as…. Aschegrube.

And this is how Act 2 went in detail:

The Weizenhof Volunteers vs Peter’s Public

Scenario: Falling Stars

Post Game:

The gods must indeed be angry, Perwick thought, because the stars themselves seemed to fall from the sky, destroying everything they hit on the ground. They did not stop at house and yard, nor at man and beast. The force of the explosion caused the group of armored halflings to collapse as they saw the stately town hall of Weizenhof, torn to pieces before them. As the dust slowly settled, Perwick saw a kind of magical glow where the roof of the town hall had been a moment ago, but that was not the only thing he noticed. Dark shadows appeared at the other end of the town square, and Perwick’s eyes widened in surprise. A group of orcs and goblins, led by a wizard and his assistant, were about to storm the former town hall to claim whatever was causing that magical glow…

“Get a move on, you lazy bums, because we have a reputation to lose! Or shall we soon be known throughout Apfelgipfel, as the ‘Scaredy-cats of Weizenhof?” spurred Perwick Littlebottom on his slightly intimidated troop of volunteers. Rumors were making the rounds that there might be magical artifacts left behind by the falling stars, and he certainly wanted to get ahead of the Greenskins. It was a real battle for ‘honor’ between the two opposing warbands. “For Weizenhof and the volunteers, forward!” roared Perwick to his comrades, and both groups of short-handed warriors, one green behind the ears and the other always hungry and thirsty, started moving. The Weizenhof volunteers, meanwhile, had finally received some reinforcements in the form of nimble sheep cavalry and more archers. But Perwick wondered if this would be enough for Peter, as the leader of the goblin warband was known, had secured the support of brawny orcs as well as a full-grown troll. Fortunately, Perwick had managed to secure a few magically reinforced shields from the Weizenhof armory, in the hope that they would be able to do something against the falling stars.

A loud crash brought him back from his thoughts as he saw another wave of stars raining down on them. The magical shields seemed to be holding, but it had hit some of his swordsmen who did not have such shields. The battle was already raging, and Perwick had to hurry before his troops were torn apart by either the goblins or the stars. The orcs and goblins seemed to have been somehow magically enhanced by a wizard, for none of the arrows from the Weizenhof archers could harm them. The inflicted wounds of the troll seemed to close again and again in an unusual way. The ranks of the volunteers thinned visibly, due to targeted assaults by the orcs and their lumbering but dangerous troll. At least Perwick and a few of his spearmen were able to advance to the former town hall and hold their position, at least for the moment. More rumbling and crashing caught Perwick’s attention again, Cârn the Golem was being reduced to dust by Peter the Goblin leader himself. The enemy sorcerer knew his craft, Perwick thought, and wondered from whom he had learned it? Perwick had to make a quick decision before this turned into a painful disaster for him. A pained cry made Perwick look to the side and he saw the last of his remaining swordsmen cut down the enemy troll. However he did it, he nodded to the swordsman, who would get an extra tankard of ale today. He mustered all his courage and clasped his rather small ‘warhammer’ tightly in his hands and charged towards Peter.

A ruffian of a black orc suddenly confronted him to protect his master. They exchanged several intense blows, the orc had a truly strong defense. Perwick swung his warhammer in a wide arc and with a half turn crashed into the imposing orc, who now sank to the ground with a face contorted in pain. The way to Peter was now finally clear. At last Perwick and Peter stood face to face. Peter grinned at the stubborn halfling and called out to him with contempt: “So you’re the one who’s causing me such trouble? “… and you are the sly one who should not be here!” Perwick replied gruffly.

Intimidated by the loss of the Black Orc and the Troll, the remaining Orcs and Goblins slowly lost their courage, and one by one they suddenly ran away. The losses had been too great for them. “Well, then I’ll go seek my fortune elsewhere! Weizenhof also stinks too much of humans and you halflings. Have a nice day and may the sky fall on your head!” Peter sneered angrily and disappeared in the haze of a cloud, which had appeared as suddenly as he had in the village square earlier. This will not be the last encounter of the nasty goblins and fat halflings. To be continued…

2nd Royal Marine Guard vs The King’s Oath

Scenario: Falling Stars

Post Game:

Further pursuit of their secret mission had led the 2nd Royal Marine Guards to this really provincial village called Weizenhof. This place had been of no significance at all, but lately something concerning had happened: the sky had opened! Entering the town and marching to their desired coordinates had been a piece of cake for the Marine Guards. The few villagers that had not already barricaded themselves in their houses flew the scene as soon as they saw the heavily armored soldiers. Apparently they had not been the only ones, that had been drawn to this place. Between the houses the Marine leader spotted figures in bleached white that appeared to be moving bones. „Here they come!“ he shouted to his soldiers, but his voice was overturned by blasts of fiery rocks falling from the sky, brutally smashing into the ground, producing walls of dust. „What weapon of hell is that?!“ he thought. As the skeleton creatures came closer, more and more rocks hit the ground, coming closer as well. But something didn’t add up: if this was the enemy’s weapon, why were they hitting themselves, spreading broken bones all over the place? Whatever, he would figure things out later. Now there was only one appropriate reaction: „Second Marine Guards, CHARGE!!“. He stormed towards the skeletons, waving his mighty relic high up. Lightnings unfolded, hitting bones. To his surprise though, no skeletons were crushed by the magical force, his relic released. A skeleton creature on a horse of bones ran towards him. Rusty metal found the one weakness of his armor and cut deep into his flesh. PAIN. Thrown back by the impact, the 2nd Royal Marine Guard’s leader landed hard on the ground, only to be trampled on by another rider.

His plan of gaining magical powers by executing The Old Ritual had not worked out. Some other Ruler of the Undead had been faster than him, decades of preparation were lost. But not much time had passed, until a new desire had awakened in the Oath King. He could sense black magic and a destiny of doom. He had been drawn towards it like moths to the light or flies to.. anyways, now he was approaching the village of Weizenhof. The sky had opened and it was a magnificent view to watch. What was this small glowing dot getting bigger and bigger? ..and BIGGER?! SMASH! A falling star hit the Oath king, smashing his bones. But he was still able to move forward. There! Another star! Not this time! With all the elegancy his bones could show, the Oath King stepped out of the way and continued his path into town. He was almost at the very spot, he had been drawn to since days, he could already feel a dark power rising inside of him. WHAMM! The third star hit him hard, throwing the Oath King to the ground. Three hits as if he was cursed. Hmm, wasn’t there something with three cursed arrows in the past? Anyway, he had to get up! The Oath King “opened his eyes” and saw… an armored foot crushing his skull.

The 2nd Royal Marine Guards Warden was FURIOUS! Never had he witnessed his commander being struck down. These creatures would feel the wrath of the Marines! Without hesitation the Warden charged into the skeletons. Bones were splitting and crushing. More and more skeletons attacked him. The Warden was getting tired from wearing his heavy armor and swinging his heavy weapon. Nevertheless, he struck down every creature that attacked him just like a real Marine that he was. After some heavy fighting, finally all of his enemies were down. Heaps of bones were piling up around him. He was breathing heavily, retaining his stamina. What was that? Did he see a bone in the pile moving? And another one? The piles were building up again, moving back into their skeletal shape. „Well if you want a second round.. BRING IT ON!“ the Warden shouted. Suddenly though he could hear another sound… coming from the sky… SMASH!!!

Gitzahk Khan’s Wolfboyz vs. Investigators of the Cleansing Flame

Scenario: Falling Stars

Gitzahk and his boys continue their raids of terror! Stars were falling all around them but they were too quick! He was beginning to really enjoy this apokalips business! The funny humans were shouting something about gods but all the wolf boys thought about was lunch for their hungry mounts, at least until the humie leader chanted something and incinerated three wolf riders while they fed! Gitzahk decided to take matters into his own dirty hands, and lance the creep, but the shouty magic humie ran away before he could finish him off! They had one the day and grabbed the spoils, what was this thing his boys were fighting over anyway?

Sounds interesting? Join our discord’s #age-of-fantasy channel to follow how the campaign unfolds!

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