ITGC Berlin – Demo Day 01.10.2022: join us for Konflikt47, Age of Sigmar, Age of Fantasy Skirmish, and Firefight/Kings of War demos!

Our club has been doing demo days at Battlefield Berlin regularly for quite a while now. Every 6 to 8 weeks, a group of volunteers offers three 90m games during a Saturday at Battlefield Berlin, and invite you to discover a game system they love. So register for a demo using the links below if you are curious about one of the systems we present on this demo day!

Interested in demoing/showing off your favorite tabletop system you’re playing? Reach out to one of our Council Members on our discord, as we are looking for more tabletop systems and members for our demo team!

You can also keep an eye on our #announcement channel for the next demo day. We will let you know when our next official demo day will happen, so stay tuned and as always…

Happy Wargaming!

Konflikt 47 Demo

In Konflikt 47 you control the various armies involved in the second world war, now attempting to grasp the potential of new rift technology as the war drags on. This is an alternate history version of WW2, taking place in the year 1947. Here you can find plasma weapons, walking tanks, and even bio-engineered monsters. Mechanically it is very closely related to the Bolt Action WW2 rules, a d6 based system with a dynamic turn order and a focus on morale and shifting initiative.

In this demo, you will have the choice of commanding an elite, mobile group of US Marines attacking an outpost, or its Japanese defenders with a new delivery of stealth suits to test.

Use this link to sign up for the demo:

Age of Sigmar demo

Amidst colossal beasts, powerful magic and living gods, the mortals fight for their place in the world, often forming fragile alliances of Order, to face the minions of Death, the constant threat of the forces of Destruction, or the all-consuming forces of Chaos. Age of Sigmar is a game of high fantasy battles where you and your opponent pitch your armies against each other, and whether you seek to preserve the realms or take over them, the battlefield is where the fate of the Mortal Realms will be decided!

For the demo day you will have a selection of two armies, of approximately 750 points each, to play with. All resources will be provided (books, dice, measuring tapes, etc.), so no preparation needed from you! You will be guided through the game flow, receive some guidance on how best to get started if you wish for it, and be able to ask any other questions you might have.

Use this link to sign up for the demo:

One Page Rules: Age of Fantasy Skirmish demo

This is a game where you’ll take a control of a handful of miniatures, a ragged group of soldiers or mercenaries rather than full regiments. The game is miniature agnostic, meaning you can play with any miniatures you like, but is generally established in a fantasy (think: orcs, dwarves, elves), setting

In this demo you will lead a group of elite eternal wardens – superhuman warriors – against a marauding group of savage trolls and goblins led by a vicious black orc.

Use this link to sign up for the demo:

Kings of War/Firefight demo

For this demo slot, you can choose between two games from the publisher Mantic.

Kings of war is a game of fantasy mass-battles. Your detachment of Ogres mercenaries has been called to defend a small town from an invasion from the forces of the abyss!

Firefight is a game of sci-fi combat. Your detachment of the GCPS force, the armed forces of the corporation, has for mission to purge the plague infestation in a remote settlement.

Use this link to sign up for the demo:

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