The Baked Apple. ITGCB’s One Page Rules: Age of Fantasy: Skirmish Campaign

Trouble is brewing in the westward plains. An ongoing war is causing refugees to flee east, into the, if not well-off, then at least stable and self-sustained communities of two cities living next to the Albis river: the Bundesrepublik Apfegipfel, a rugged, conflicted human-dwarf commune and Weizenhof, a relatively cosmopolitan trading and farming hub.

Quick links:

  1. Beginning of campaign and warband backstories
  2. Act I completed
  3. Act II completed
  4. Act III completed
  5. Act IV completed, campaign end

Welcome to the anchor post of the first One Page Rules: Age of Fantasy: Skirmish campaign of International Tabletop Gaming Club Berlin! This campaign is dungeonmastered by Mirek and Vincent but the whole story is created together with the players.

The campaign in a nutshell:

  • We play narratively, with focus on story and good fun. No powergaming
  • We use OPR AoF:S campaign rules
  • We use OPR Army forge for list building
  • We have our own story and world, available at our World Anvil page
  • The results of players’ battles change the world and its inhabitants
  • We start on 01.08.2022
  • 8 players and their warbands, each with their own story and agenda
  • 6 games for each player
  • Campaign lasts 6 weeks, with 1 game every week and then the campaign concludes
  • Each scenario played is a custom scenarios from OPR’s patreon
  • We use Special Objectives and Random Events
  • Each warband starts at 150pts
  • Maximum point difference between two warbands on the battlefield is 25pts
  • Players keep score of their own experience but record in the wiki the results of battles (who won/lost or a draw) and their highlights (e.g. 1 halfling slain a troll). With this we write the narrative 🙂

We plan to write milestone blog posts, summing up the results of the campaign and how the world changes. If the goose is cooked, then the apple for sure is baked. Or is it?

However before we start, meet the players and their warbands!


Hi, I’m Andrew 🙂 I’ve been in wargames for biggest part of my life and played a lot on competitive and narrative sides. Not being a fan of GW systems I do love the models and so OPR seems like a great place to use them. I joined campaign using it as a good reason to start (and hopefully finish) painting my Stormcasts and now they represent a military structure in the world of Apfelgipfel 🙂 Looking forward to the campaign and it’s nice stories – the best part of narrative wargaming ever 🙂

2nd Royal Marine Guards

Not much is known about Duchy of the Roothoff, except them being far relatives of the founders of Apfelgipfel and not being good friends of republic. Their motives are unknown, but what’s obvious is their methods. Always straightforward, usually brutal, not always effective. 2nd Royal Marine Guards is a regiment for coastal and overseas operations. Usually operating on its own, 2nd Marins specialty is “inviting old friends” of the Roothoff’s family for a visit. Very few those invited ever made it back home and trust me, hospitality is not the reason here. Moreover, gossips say that only most of the “guests” never make it to the Duchy Mansion. Fishermans and traders passing through Apfelgipfel already brought news about black military ship stopping every vessel on it’s way to the port, checking everyone and everything. Nobody knows what they are looking for. Duchy’s Marines are in harbour and Gods bless the poor soul they are after.

++ 2nd Royal Marine Guard Rescue Mission [145pts] ++

Guardian Elite [1] Q4+ D4+ | 45pts | Fearless, Hero, Tough(3) Hand Weapon (A3, AP(1))

Warden [1] Q4+ D4+ | 50pts | Fearless, Furious, Tough(3) Great Weapon (A3, AP(3))

Warden Shooter [1] Q4+ D4+ | 50pts | Fearless, Tough(3) Hand Weapon (A2), Thunder Crossbows (18″, A1, Blast(3), AP(1))


After bringing the Great King of Old to life, Settra The Imperishable, woke up horrified to see not the utopia he would have expected but the desert of death. The Kingdom now in ruins, a shadow of its former self. He was reborn not in the golden paradise he was promised. The King of Old stood at the head of their humongous legions who were also brought back to life. The restless mummified king promised never to sleep again but instead he would fight to restore the empire back to its former glory, smashing their foes asunder to reclaim the world from the living. – We do not serve, we rule!

Tap here to see the army list

++ Mummified Undead [150pts] ++

Skeleton Leader [1] Q5+ D5+ | 60pts | Hero, Poison Blades, Tough(3), Undead Hand Weapon (A3)

2x Skeleton Warriors [3] Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | Undead 3x Hand Weapons (A1)

Skeleton Archers [3] Q5+ D5+ | 40pts | Cursed Ammo, Undead 3x Bows (24″, A1), 3x Hand Weapons (A1)


Gitzahk Khan’s Wolfboyz

Gitzahk Kahn holds the dubious honor of Forward Scout for Zhurkhi Shatun, a Chaos Dwarf Hexcaster with a fiery temper. Gitzahk leads his Wolfboys through the Bloodgrass Woods, following a vision from his mystic master. The boyz have noticed strange fungal growths on their lupine mounts, who have grown ever more vicious and seemingly tougher as of late. They’ve set up camp at the northeastern edge of the woods and begun raiding outward in search of ancient artifacts, plunder and violence for it’s own sake.

Tap here to see the army list

++ Hobgoblins Ride [150pts] ++

Goblin Leader [1] | Qua 5+ Def 5+ | 40pts Wolf, Lance (A3, Impact(1)) Fast, Hero, Impact(1), Tough(3)

Beast Riders [3] | Qua 5+ Def 5+ | 50pts 3x Hand Weapons (A1), 3x Wolf Riders Fast, Fearless, Impact(1)

Beast Riders [3] | Qua 5+ Def 5+ | 60pts 3x Hand Weapons (A1), 3x Wolf Riders, 3x Shortbows (18″, A1) Fast, Fearless, Impact(1)



“it’s amazing how well she hides!” Margaret thought as she chased in pursuit of her dog, who should be just around that tree.. but never is. The excitement of the game is tinged more and more by hesitancy and frightening stories told by the safety of the fireplace. At first she shrugs them off, until it seems that around each corner she no longer expects her dog, eagerly waiting for her, but for a moment sees the grotesque faces of the three lovers. “It’s just a silly story so I won’t go wandering! Theo said it true, ghosts are only the places the Holy Flame tests our bravery.” She says to herself, only half believing it. Margaret keeps muttering variations on this until the words are punctuated with a scream as she sees a human skeleton, covered with moss and fungi. She turns to run, breathing as hard as she can. An agile child, she manages to swing between the trees, until one that wasn’t there just a moment ago seemingly plants itself in her path. Looking up in pain from the sudden collision, she looks up.. directly into the face from her stories. All three looked down at her, their bare skulls just as her grandfather had described, bone melding seamlessly into cold pale bark. Behind her a voice cracked, taking the time to find itself after not being used for so many years. In panic Margaret looked behind her at the tall discolored woman in the tattered spidery dress and the serpent coiled around her neck. The words that came next were echoed by the last thumps of her heart. “Daughter! After so long we found you… Welcome home.”

Tap here to see the army list

Primula, Fungus Queen – Q3+ D5+ – HW (A3) – Hero, Tough(3), Wizard(1) – 65 Serpent Familiar (A2, Poison) – 5

Ewann, Blight – Q4+ D5+ – Claws (A2, Rending) – Malice, Strider, Undead – 20

Conan, Blight – Q4+ D5+ – Claws (A2, Rending) – Malice, Strider, Undead – 20

Louenn, Blight – Q4+ D5+ – Claws (A2, Rending) – Malice, Strider, Undead – 20

First Victims, 3x Skeletons – Q5+ D5+ – HW(A1) – Undead – 25

Martin (Fomorian)

Hi my name is Martin known as ‘Fomorian’ on our club Discord server. I am a longtime Hobbyist and a huge Halfling fanboy. It also brings myself a lot of joy to create stories and backround for my little plastic models. So it was absolutely no question for me, to join this narrative campaign, with my favourite Fantasy faction and ruleset (OPR). I am curious what the organizers have cooked up for us and how the campaign will unfold?! Unfortunately I can’t show you any models from my warband yet, these are being 3D printed and on the way to myself right now. So alternatively here are some rendered Pictures of the models i’ll use for my warband. The Weizenhof Volunteers will be at your service! 🙂

The Weizenhof Volunteers

There are many different creatures and inhabitants in the Apfelgipfel region. From the stubborn dwarves in the mountains to the trading humans in the valleys. But orcs and goblins, as well as the living dead, are increasingly roaming the land plundering and pillaging. For a while now, these warbands have been venturing closer and closer to the smaller towns in search of easy prey. The latest victim of these increasing raids is the settlement of Weizenhof, which is also called ‘the granary of Apfelgipfel’ by the locals. It is an agricultural settlement and does not have the importance as the big cities or fortresses of the region. Due to this fact, it also has no garrison troops of its own and is almost defenseless against attacks. The inhabitants were frustrated and feel abandoned, but unexpected help should soon improve the situation of the villagers. It so happened that an illustrious mercenary troop arrived in the tormented settlement, to replenish their supplies. They consisted of the most unusual fighters Apfelgipfel had ever seen. They were rather small, very hairy and very sociable contemporaries, who were accompanied by a perpetual hunger and thirst. In his endless desperation, the Burgermeister of Weizenhof turned directly to the mercenary force in the faint hope of help. With the prospect of rich as well as tasty treats and plenty of cider, Perwick Littlebottom, the leader of the troop negotiated a pact with the villagers. The mercenaries thus sided with the people and would henceforth protect the village. This historically important event was also the birth of the ‘Weizenhof Volunteers’ as the mercenary troop now called itself, even if the word ‘voluntary’ should not be taken too seriously …

Tap here to see the army list

++ The Weizenhof Volunteers [150pts] ++

Perwick Littlebottom [Champion] [1] Q4+ D4+ | 45pts | Aura of Luck, Hero, Slow, Tough(3) Great Weapon (A3, AP(3))

The Thistle Tops [Warriors] [3] Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | Slow 3x Spears (A1, Phalanx)

The Stouthearts [Warriors] [3] Q5+ D5+ | 20pts | Slow 3x Hand Weapons (A1)

The Nimblefingers [Marksmen] [3] Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | Slow 3x Hand Weapons (A1), 3x Shortbows (18″, A1)

Cárn [Golem] [1] Q4+ D4+ | 35pts | Slow, Strider, Tough(3) Heavy Fist (A3, AP(1)


Apparently this is how Patrick looks like!

Hi I’m Patrick. I started playing Warhammer Fantasy at 6th (Empire) edition and 40k at 3rd (Dark Eldar). Then had a looooong break and started again with 40k 8th edition. I went to some tournaments which was good fun with friendly people but wasn’t happy with GW marketing policy. One page rules really made me happy again 🙂 And I finally got back into the Fantasy setting making my dream come true of building an Undead army for AoF. Grim Dark Future is also good fun and thanks to the tournament at Battlefield I found International Gaming Club Berlin. Now really looking forward to haunt some mortals in the AoFS campaign!

The King’s Oath

Somewhere between the river Albis and the mountains, there lies an area which is avoided by most living beings. At daytime the sun is blocked by dark clouds and a thick layer of mist makes it impossible to see afar. During the night no moonlight ever touches the soil and no stars can be seen. Some of the elderly still remember the legend of some mighty battle that has taken place here a long time ago. Due to an expanding tribe of orcs, a king and his people had no choice but fleeing their kingdom in the mountains. Entering the plains, the king swore an oath to claim these lands for his kin and never be pushed out again. But destiny had other plans. Soon they clashed into an army of men and dwarves and a horrific and bloody battle begun. At it’s peak, the king was killed by some dwarven slayer. Transcending into the otherlands, a part of the king’s soul refused to give up on his oath, trying not to leave mortal realms. Stuck in-between worlds, his restless soul is doomed to endless battle, never being able to fulfill his oath for all eternity. With him are his loyal troops, bound to his destiny beyond death. Wherever they appear, their twisted aura attracts all kind of wicked creatures of the undead. Pray to your Gods never having to cross blades with this enemy for they not only take your life but curse your soul.

Tap here to see the army list

++ The King’s Oath (Vampiric Undead) [150pts] ++

The Oath King 1 Q4+ D4+ | 35pts | Hero, Tough(3), Undead Hand Weapon (A3)

Oath’s Axes [3] (Skeleton Soldiers) Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | Undead 3x Hand Weapons (A1)

Oath’s Swords [3] (Skeleton Soldiers) Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | Undead 3x Hand Weapons (A1)

Knight’s Commander [1] (Vampire Knight) Q3+ D3+ | 25pts | Fast, Furious, Impact(1), Undead Hand Weapon (A1, AP(1))

Oath’s Knight 1 [1] (Skeleton Knight) Q4+ D4+ | 20pts | Fast, Impact(1), Undead Lance (A1, Impact(1))

Oath’s Knight 2 [1] (Skeleton Knight) Q4+ D4+ | 20pts | Fast, Impact(1), Undead Lance (A1, Impact(1))


I am Vincent, co-Organiser of this campaign and council member of the ITGCB. I have started the hobby 22 years ago with the Lord of the Rings strategy game by Games Workshop, then transitioned to Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy battles. After a long hobby break, in which i foolishly gave away all my stuff, i wanted to restart the hobby with Warhammer Fantasy, only to realize that it has been replaced by a world that i didn’t like too much. This way i ended up with Kings of War, which is my primary system, and am branching out to other games, preferably Indie. My focus is on the Mantic Games systems though, as i prefer their rulesets. My Warband consists of Fireforge Models of their Fantasy and Historical lines, as well as a Reaper Monk for a Hero model.

Investigators of the Cleansing Flame

The Heralds of the Cleansing Flame are a knightly Order based in the neighboring County of Trousseaux, a small province of a much larger Kingdom. Said to be descendants of the holy Messiah himself, they are extremely devout religious knights, following a code of honor to the letter and are therefor notoriously intolerant towards anything they deem to be demonic or otherwise evil in nature. The investigators are sent out where evil rears it’s ugly head, and are fully equipped to any evil that ails the land. While they have the freedom to do pretty much anything they want while in Trousseaux, authorities in other parts of the world might not be as favorable, which does not faze the investigators in the slightest. If they encounter resistance, that resistance is usually met with deadly force, be it from the party they have with them or, at a later time, from an invading army of their brethren.

Tap here to see the army list

++ Investigators of the Cleansing Flame [150pts] ++

Bertram the Scholar, First Accuser of the Cleansing Flame [1] | Qua 5+ Def 5+ | 45pts Hand Weapon (A3), Enchanter Hero, Tough(3), Wizard(1)

Quest Knight [1] | Qua 4+ Def 4+ | 30pts Great Weapon (A2, AP(2)) Fast, Fearless, Impact(1), Monster Hunter

Longbowmen [3] | Qua 5+ Def 5+ | 40pts 3x Hand Weapons (A1), 3x Longbows (30″, A1)

Men-at-Arms [3] | Qua 5+ Def 5+ | 35pts 3x Spears (A1, Phalanx)


Hey, I’m Mirek, joined the hobby in 2020. I’m on of the organisers of the ITGC Berlin and also, together with Vincent, I’m dungeonmastering the Baked Apple campaign. I play different game systems, nowadays mostly OPR (both grimdark and fantasy) as well as Turnip28, Bolt Action/Konflikt 47 and Silver Bayonet.

I’m running two warbands in this campaign: Peter’s Public and Bundesrepublik of Apfelgipfel.

Peter’s Public

Peter’s a goblin. It was given this name by a halfling magician that has a practice in Weizenhof. How come? Well, the magician was looking for some living entity to experiment on and paid some trappers to catch him an intelligent entity that he won’t get in trouble for experimenting on. Hence Peter comes onto play. The magical experiments were terrible, so we won’t dwell on them. Peter was a smart goblin, however, and manage to learn to read and understand what the magician was doing. And he was doing a lot! With Weizenhof being a river town, all kinds of different and quirky people came to the practice to get an enchanment, lift a curse – or order one on someone! The kind of people visiting – earring-toting pirates, flamboyant mercenary captains, bookwormey scribes, brutal warriors next to scheming spies were also something new to Peter. He just knew orcs and goblins before. When an opportunity arose, he escaped from his cage (muttering some simple enchantment) and made his way to his village. But something was off. Peter found that he’s no longer feeling the familiarity he used to feel. He found himself disagreeing with many opinions heard in his former neighbourhood and the plans of the village elders for him seemed irrational and just plain dumb. Goblins also began gossiping about his appearance and general way of how he behaved. The scoop overflowed when the village elders commanded Peter to marry – and he found out that he wasn’t attracted to the female goblin presented (also chosen against her will). Peter, now thinking he must be the only queer goblin in existence, left the village.

Wandering in the wastes, practicing his magic on rocks and rabbits, his supplies dwindling, Peter decided that he has only one chance to survive – have a magic practice in Weizenhof. Surely people would accept him if he was a good magician enough? There was the small problem of existing magician’s practice, but Peter wanted his revenge anyway… Our queer goblin shaman, bestowed with a rather poor charisma, managed to put together a band of a rather lazy troll – but still a troll! – and a trio of orcs led by a black orc warrior. He knows he needs to get his hand dirty, no magicks from the backline, so he also brought along a childhood friend, a goblin rather fierce with a knife to be his sidekick. With his sights on Weizenhof – rather curious, a goblin that wants to become a respected city dweller? – they set on to proving Peter’s worth. If only just Peter’s funds to pay his warband weren’t running out so quickly…

*Public -> Peter believes “public” means a group of people that follow you. He likes the name of the word, seems wisdomous to him, so he kept it.

Tap here to see the army list

++ Peter’s Public [150pts] ++

Peter And His Sidekick [1] Q5+ D5+ | 50pts | Hero, Tough(3), Wizard(1) Hand Weapon (A3)

Three Gullible Orcs [3] Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | Furious 3x Hand Weapons (A1)

Moderately Clever Troll [1] Q4+ D4+ | 55pts | Regeneration, Tough(3) Hand Weapon (A3, AP(1))

Disgraced Black Orc Sergeant [1] Q4+ D3+ | 20pts | Furious, Head Chop Great Weapon (A1, AP(2))

Bundesrepublik of Apfelgipfel

There was a small, poor coal mine somewhere in mountains on what people called the world’s edge. Still theoretically within currently-reigning top dog empire’s reach but also close to the lands controlled by chaos.

Even fellow dwarves forgot about it, it is kinda a refuge for a dwarf that rather doesn’t want to be seen or found. Obviously founded by an old an tired Slayer king that forgo his wovs. Naturally, a coal mine needs a human “barnacle” colony to operate, so one was quickly founded on top of it by an exiled engineer; legend is, he was reckless and caused many of his alumni to get maimed or even killed during experiments with blackpowder. These people started trading with the dwarfs and cultivating whatever they could, the soil was kinda weak, so it was mostly apples and some grazing animals. Over time, naturally, issues and accidents happened because everyone was poor and desperate. Humans claim dwarves used to kidnap their children to work in the mines*, while dwarves claim that humans once left them to die in battle.**

Nevertheless, both communities are forced to work together since ratfolk are burrowing underground and goblins and orcs are attacking from the plains. Ogres are also not unheard of, but their relationship is mixed, since sometimes they trade, fight and even hire the ogres. Some dwarves also sometimes leave for the eastern wastes and never come back, something the humans never got an answer to from the dwarfs. On the surface, though, the communities are united and decided to actually mix and have two rulers; they called themselves the Bundersrepublik Apfegipfel.

And here’s the kicker. The community is actually under constant yet insipid influence of chaos. People of both races started noticing they’re a bit more prone to anger… and to lust, which made them more fierce in battle (but also more disputes) and more lustful in bed*** (more babies but also more unnecessary violence); they basically feel like they “live the life to the full” and don’t always see the world’s real colours. Thing is, the ecclesiarchy of the empire knows about it. Other dwarves also know about it. But everyone keeps it quiet because Bundesrepublik is keeping a lid on a possible ratfolk/goblin invasion route in a place where no one else wants to live, really. So it’s a necessary evil. Some think that a new up and coming grand bishop might make a crusade out of it… but then some think that even the clergy isn’t that stupid.

* this is true; dwarves were hit by a plague caused by ratfolk and did kidnap human kids to work in the mine, betting on humans to forget since they live not really long in their opinion

** this is also true, humans were taking massive loses and decided that maybe the dwarven boasts of courage meant they actually wanted to fight a ton and that the Slayer king actually wants to die in battle. Thing is, this was pre-chaos influence and the dwarves actually did need help.

*** I really like the idea of gods of chaos both giving boons and curses, like they’re sides of the same coin

Tap here to see the army list

++ Apfelgipfel [150pts] ++

Berserker Lord [1] Q4+ D5+ | 50pts | Fearless, Furious, Hero, Slayer, Slow, Tough(3) Dual Hand Weapons (A6, AP(1))

Infantrymen [3] Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | 3x Hand Weapons (A1)

Infantrymen [3] Q5+ D5+ | 25pts | 3x Hand Weapons (A1)

Marksmen [3] Q5+ D5+ | 35pts | 3x Hand Weapons (A1), 3x Rifles (18″, A1, AP(1))

Elite Swordsman [1] Q4+ D4+ | 15pts | Fearless Great Weapon (A1, AP(2))


Hi, my name is Clemens and I picked up the hobby in my early teens. Recently I got back into it as an adult. One of my favorite aspects is the story-telling side of tabletop gaming. I’m happy to participate in this narrative event and I hope my lizards can add a spark of color to the campaign.[2:10 PM]

Forces of the Awakened Arch

Kutokteq’hui started to have some strange dreams as of late. He was uncertain if those were visions gifted to him by the Old Ones or rather something else. Ever since they came to this weird place he felt unwell. It was cold and the sun rarely shined. The others felt it as well. The only thing which wasn’t different was the foe they faced: From the loud Greenskins to the Skaven vermin tide they had encountered various enemies in those grey lands. It was not the place for them, wheater Skin, Saurus, or Kroxigor. They belonged to the hot and humid jungles of Lustria, but here they were. The secret mission he was ordered to fulfill was crucial. If he, Kutokteq’hui Great Icon Bearer of the Awakened Arch, would fail, the consequences would be most severe. Whoever would stand in their way had to die regardless of their intentions…

Tap here to see the army list ++ Forces of the Awakened Arch [150pts] ++

Gecko Champion [1] Q5+ D5+ | 60pts | Fearless, Hero, Strider, Tough(3), Wizard(1) Hand Weapon (A3, Poison), Priest

Geckos [3] Q5+ D5+ | 35pts | Fearless, Strider 3x Hand Weapons (A1, Poison)

Saurian Warriors [3] Q4+ D4+ | 55pts | Battle Standard, Fearless, Predator, Sergeant 3x Hand Weapons (A1)

Thanks for reading! This campaign’s slots are taken but if this looks interesting to you, join us in our discord and check the #age-of-fantasy channel. Who knows, maybe there’s more campaigns brewing?

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