April 30th Event in Support of Ukraine & Berlin Refugees

We tabletop gamers play games of war of all kinds, and there is about just one kind we really do not like: wars in real life. For us, war can only happen on the tables. The war in Ukraine is deeply affecting us: as Berliners we feel very close to it. Some of us have family and friends directly involved. We all see how the refugees have arrived in Berlin in the past few weeks, and we want to do something about it.

We are therefore organizing a multi-system gaming event and a raffle on the 30th of April, in Berlin. It is a charity event through which we want to support local organizations. Every cent we will be collecting in this Paypal money pool through this event will be given to an organisation helping Ukrainian refugees in Berlin.

The Multi-System Gaming

Until we find a place of our own, we have been playing and organizing events mostly at Battlefield Berlin. This time, we wanted to organize an event larger than what they can host. We therefore looked for a different place, and found a large venue! In fact, it has so much more space, that we decided to go for a multi-system event with ten tables. This will let us gather players from different horizons, and have a lovely day of gaming!

We decided to do four tables for Age of Sigmar, four tables for Kings of War, and two tables for Armada. We do have the possibility to expand these numbers, depending on how many people sign up. We set the registration fee to 10€ (all donated to the cause we support with this event). With each registration, you get a ticket for the raffle.

The Raffle

We decided to organize a raffle with various lots to win. There are Battlefield Berlin vouchers (100€, 50€, 25€), a Gotrek miniature painted by someone in our community, and other lots will surely be added!

Anyone can join us in donating for the cause we selected: the raffle is not limited to participants to the gaming event! We decided to give this opportunity to everyone to join us in supporting the cause with donations. For each 2.5€ donated, you get one ticket for the raffle. If you give 20€, you get eight tickets, therefore eight chances of winning something in the raffle! On the 30th we will randomly pick winners among all of the tickets.

Age of Sigmar Tournament

A small 8 people AoS tournament, swiss round, 2000pts, painted, three games of 3hrs each.You can have a look at the details by checking the tournament rulepack here.
To pre-register, add your name to the scoresheet and add list to the the List doc. Your registration will be complete once you paid the entry fee of 10eur to this Paypal money pool.

Kings of War gaming day

Like for our usual gaming days, the plan is to have a great time playing KoW! This time we will structure things a bit more to ensure the maximum amount of gaming time. We have planed for four tables for Kings of War, but can expand if necessary. Players must bring two lists, using latest rules, of 2000pts and 2300pts. Please print two copies of each list, to hand out to your opponent. 28mm and 10mm armies are welcome, and you can agree with your opponent for each game what to use.

Armada gaming day

Armada is relatively recent within our gaming group, so we want to give it a try! We will play games of 250pts: bring your ships and lists!

The Event

Games will start at 8h30, 12h30 and 16h. To ensure a start on time, please come 30mn earlier for the briefing. The venue, east of Görlitzer Park, is Motionlab.berlin. It is a Hardtech Innovation Hub, pragmatically a 4500sqm makerspace for companies. It is located in the Halle 20 of the Bouchéestrasse Gewerbepark. Officially the adress is Bouchéestrasse 12, but look at a map for the Motionlab.Berlin pin to see the exact entrance to the building.. The usual set of 3G rules applies. The venue has a kitchen, coffee & drinks are available. We will cook something simple so that we can all eat together on site (please get in touch if you have special dietary requirements).

Note: we are gathering mats and terrain, but you can contribute to this by bringing some. Please get in touch if you can lend us some!

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