ITGCB Demo day – 20.11.2021 @ Battlefield Berlin!

For the 3rd time, International Tabletop Gaming Club Berlin would like to invite you to take part in our demo day, taking part in the gaming area of Battlefield Berlin, or friendly local game store that’s located next to U Gneisenaustr in Berlin.

Demo day is a day-long event, where volunteers from our club run 90-minute game demos for people that are new to the hobby, are interested in the specific systems or just want to refresh their wargaming muscles. In short, demo days are for everyone!

In case you were wondering, there’s virtually no requirements to come. No previous experience, knowledge or accessories. We will supply you with all the miniatures and information you need. All our demoers will hold their games in English.

How do I sign up?

If you already know what you’re interested in, use the links below to sign up for a game:

Warhammer 40,000

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Flames of War/DBA

Kill Team


Still not sure? Our demoers prepared short game introductions below that should help you decide which game you’d like to play!


  • Setting: Scifi
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Average Game Length: 2 hours
Copyright by Corvus Belli

Infinity is a Skirmish game, about operators operating operationaly. Or in other words, infinity is about task forces of futuristic expansions of modern nations going against each other (alien invasion forces included)

Credit: Corvus Belli

As suggested above, Infinity is a skirmish game, your model count on the table runs between 10 and 15 on average, for full scale games. The System is a nice break from the classic i go – you go, as during your opponents turn, your units are able to respond to your opponents troops actions. Given the complexity of Infinity, the demo will resolve around a Boot camp like setting, where you learn how to handle your troops, take out static defense, handle mines, activate consoles, and go toe to toe against a small OPFOR (opposing force). For this demo, you have the choice of one of 4 Factions to practice with, those are:

Haqqislam: A faction focused on bio engineering, super soldiers, very competent healers (doctors) and stealth, if you like mind games, elaborated plans, and tricking your opponent, you might feel right at home.

Aridana: The remnants of colony ships from the USA, Russia, France and Scottland, which made their home on the planet of Ariadna. By comparison the faction is rather low tech, which is not always a disadvantage. If you like to set up traps, your Dr. carrying fire axes, and people making jokes about your factions “Hacker” being a guy carrying a auto cannon to battle, this might the place for you! (beside, not werewolves, which are totally werewolves)

0 – 12: If you think Kicking in Doors, while yelling “0-12! Freeze Scum!” sounds cool o 12 might be a place for you. Basically the police force of the human sphere (the area where the human nations spread across the stars), as in theory neutral group, 0 – 12 has access to some troops of the other factions. On the table, the faction, focuses mostly on immobilizing enemy troops instead of killing. If you like an aggressive play stile, pushing forward, and forcing your opponent between a rock and a hard place, O – 12 might be fun!

Combined Army: The combined army is an force of multiple non human species, operating under the leadership of an AI. Their main goal is to absorb more species into their faction, and gather technologies and knowledge to help their AI to find an way to lead them to ascension into a state of being of pure energy. Play wise, the combined army is a lot about all out aggression, with some of the best and most feared fighters, and the use of plasma technology for weapons, and advanced disguise technology for their assassins, combined army is for most parts straight forward about vanquishing any opposition.

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Beyond the Gates of Antares

  • Setting: “utopian” Scifi
  • Scale: heroic 28mm
  • Average game length: 2 hours

Beyond the Gates of Antares is a wargame, simulating medium to large scale engagements between different branches of humanity, the system is mainly designed arround playing narrative missions, and large scale campaigns.

Rules wise, Antares leaves the trodden path of I go you go and replaces it with an initiative system, nearly as in Bolt Action.
So both players get to act during one turn. On top of this, Antares offers a system of action and reaction, if your opponent shoots at one of your units, your troops get to shoot back right away, or dive for cover.

Image credit: Warlord Games

Compared to other systems, lethality in Antares is rather low, troops do get killed, but to remove units, a concentrated effort is required. Instead the game uses an system of suppresion, as units draw fire they start to perform worse and might even refuse to follow orders. Or maybe they get inspired to acts of heroism. All those little bits, add up to a deep and engaging system which focuses on creating an epic narrative for your troops, which only grows with every battle fought.

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Flames of War

  • Setting: ww2
  • Scale: 15mm or 1:100
  • Average Game Length: 3 hours

Flames of War (or FoW) is one of the most popular wargames in WW2 family. Being produced in New Zealand and Malaysia, the game has strong communities all around the world. The game tables represent all those available in history – from dunes of Tunisia to cold steppes of mother Russia.

In the game players are in command of tank and infantry companies from all the nations participants. You’d be able to run dozens of T-34, Pz IV or Shermans, as well as waves of Conscript Soviet infantry of elite British commandos. As a support you’d have heavy artillery, rocket launchers, airplanes or even armoured trains!

To win the game in FoW players have to contest objective marker, that opponent placed on the table. Most of the times both players have objectives to capture, so you have to build a proper defence to stop the opponent from stealing the victory from you.

Game mechanics is classical I-go-U-go with a simple and elegant rules, very similar to Warhammer 40k or Bolt Action. The main feature of FoW is a combined forces synergy – by combining different units together at right time and right place, it is possible to fight any opponent! Also, the size of the miniatures really gives you a feel of epic scale battle.

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  • Setting: from beginning of history until black powder era
  • Scale: 15mm or 1:100 (or actually any – as long as both opponents use same scale)
  • Average Game Length: 1 hour

DBA – “De Bellis Antiquitatis” or “Of the Wars of Antiquity” – is a set of quick wargaming rules that let the player to replay an epic battles of history in 30 minutes with just a hand full of miniatures.

The rule set was first released in 1988 and now runs on 3rd edition. The book comes with approx 14 pages of rules and 40 pages of army lists, covering armies from Babylon to French armoured Gendarme, from Roman Legions to Samurais. And DBA allows you to pit any armies agains each other! Basically, all the armies are constructed of the same abstract unit types, like Spearmen, Archers, Cavalry or Light Cavalry. This system allows armies to be comparable and still somehow balanced.

Any army in DBA consists of 12 bases (with some options for variety) of up to 4 miniatures (2 for light troops, 3 for medium and 4 for heavy) with one of the bases representing the general (you) and the rest – your units of hundreds or thousand men.

The game is played in I-go-U-go manner, with player generating d6 command points, that later are spend to activate units of groups of units on the table. The goal is to kill 4 enemy units OR enemy general. When this happens players are finishing their turn and calculate the points – so it’s possible that game would end in a draw.

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Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

Image credit: Games Workshop
  • Setting: Science-fiction, grimdark
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Average Game Length: 1 hour

Kill Team is a skirmish tabletop wargame set in the grimdark science fiction universe of Warhammer 40,000. KT has recently undergone a reboot which moved it closer to another of Game Workshop’s game – Warcry; this, in the general opinion, has helped the game a lot, removing the stigma of a “younger sibling” of Warhammer 40k and giving the game a breath of fresh air.

Kill Team is played using between 4 and 15 miniatures per player, on a 33×22″, terrain-heavy map.
Players control team of well-trained operatives, carrying out secretive missions behind enemy lines. Assasinations of enemy leaders? Extractions of special agents that got uncovered? Neutralising enemy anti-air defences before main invasion arrives?
This is bread and butter for the kill teams.

Kill Team is perfect for new players to dip their toes in wargaming, since the limited amount of miniatures and accessories required to play make it super simple to start out; addtionally, the games are relatively short and the kill teams are small enough to be transported easily.

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Warhammer 40k

40k DesigningBT Oct21 Image1
Image credit: Games Workshop
  • Setting: Science-fiction, grimdark
  • Scale: 28mm
  • Average Game Length: 1-3 hours

Warhammer 40k is a grand scale Tabletop game set in the grim darkness of the far future. The 9th edition of the game is well underway and the conflicts are raging on, the Imperium is threatened by Chaos and Xenos alike.

Warhammer 40k is a large army tabletop game, played with a number of models ranging from 5 to 100 (or more even) depending on the size of the game you are set to play. Players control units of infantry, monsters, vehicles and powerful characters to fight for battlefield domination through controlling objectives, performing actions and annihilating key targets in the opponent’s army. It’s a game of movement, strategy and luck.

In this demo, we will focus on a limited number of units with a smaller scale, learning mechanics of the game on a narrative scenario pitting against each other some of the most fearsome foes in the Galaxy, Space Marines of the Black Templars against the vile Necrons. Come join us learn one of the most iconic tabletop games of all. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war!

Click here to reserve a demo slot!

What’s next?

We aim to organise these demo days every 2 months, but in the meantime we spend most of our time in our Discord server – come on and join us! 🙂

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