ITGC Berlin – Demo Day 31.07.2021 report: 40k, Bolt Action, Kings of War and Conquest!

Last Saturday we organized our own first ‘Demo Day’ at Battlefield Berlin. We offered four different tabletop systems (see above) to be tried out for a total of 9 games. There was even one random Necromunda game! 🙂

This event was limited to members of our discord server, but we already have big plans to do more events like this!
So if you are interested in trying out a tabletop system, our demo days are the perfect opportunity to do so! You can meet experienced players there who will lend you an army and gently introduce you to the game basics.

We know for sure that there’s at least 1 new Kings of War player after this event! 😉

Without further ado, check out some selected photos from that amazing event below:

Interested in demoing/showing off your favourite tabletop system you’re playing? Reach out to one of our Council Members on our discord then, as we are looking for more tabletop systems and members for our demo team!

We will let you know when our next official demo day will happen, so stay tuned and as always…

Happy Wargaming! 🙂

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