About the International Tabletop Gaming Club Berlin e.V.

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Hi and welcome to our website!

What is this talk about a club all about, you ask? We are a group of passionate tabletop enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans with years of gaming. While talking to each other about our hobby, we noticed, that there is so far no central contact point for tabletop players in Berlin. Whether if you are new to the hobby or just moved to Berlin, it’s quite hard to find other players and get into contact. Our big goal is to be the central platform for all the small gaming groups and clubs, under one roof and thus simplify the search for players and bring together the community.

By tabletop games, we mean anything that can be played on a table, preferably with (cool looking) miniatures, regardless of being fantasy, science fiction, historic, pulp etc. That means any miniature games you can think of, and by extension potentially some board games and so on.

But we don’t want to be only a platform. We have the idea of creating an awesome club here in Berlin. In the long term we want to to rent our own club rooms for our own, ideally in a central place in Berlin, and establish a gamer’s paradise.

Sounds good to you? Yes, but we are only few so far and need the help of a strong community. By starting this website, we want to become the central platform for all players in the capital, regardless of the favoured game system.
The more we are, the easier it will become. As we want it to build this together with you, we need some more informations

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Our ideas for the future:

Build a central platform for the Tabletop community in Berlin.

Host our own events, like workshops or tournaments in cooperation with other clubs and gaming groups

Establish our own club rooms in Berlin.

Let’s build this together.

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